Real couple | Khano & Mathlon

When I look at Khano and Mathlon’s images, I’m still blown away by how a stunning this couple looked at their pre-wedding shoot in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. Not only did they look amazing but the chemistry between them during their shoot was palpable – I’m so lucky to work with such in-love couples. I remember thinking as I was shooting their urban couple shoot that it is so important to consider what you wear at your pre-wedding couple shoot; here are my top three benefits for dressing up for your couple shoot.

Test drive your look 

I always suggest that clients schedule their hair and makeup trials for the day of the pre-wedding shoot. This gives you a great idea of what your wedding makeup and hair will look like on your big day. Other aspects of your look you can test drive during your pre-wedding couple shoot include your shoes, manicure, jewelry, and potential colours for your retinue to wear.

Great looking images 

The photographer you work with should guarantee beautiful images of you and your loved one no matter what you wear. I mean, nothing is easier than shooting two people in love having fun. But wearing a jaw-dropping outfit for your couple shoot will only enhance the effect of already-incredible images.


We all feel more confident when we’re looking our best – I go from chilled photographer to feeling like James Bond in the right kind of suit. And when we feel more confident, we’re able to relax more easily. Have fun more readily. Enjoy the experience of being photographed more fully. This is ultimately what your pre-wedding couple shoot should be about: capturing the enjoyment of being in love.

So when your pre-wedding couple shoot comes around – whether it be an urban chic or rustic romantic vibe – make sure you ‘bring it’ by adding a little glamour to your look. Just remember above all else to ‘bring it’ your way, just like Khano and Mathlon did.