Real couple | Alishia & Mathew

Mathew and Alishia decided that they’d love to do an urban couple shoot in Johannesburg (or Jozi for all of us who call this magical place home). And what better place to shoot than the eclectically electric Maboneng precinct. Maboneng pulses with colourful characters, amazing street art, and sights that set your heart on fire. I loved working with this stunning couple in one of my favourite locations in the city.  What’s great about Maboneng as a couple shoot location in Johannesburg is that the different spaces are well-suited to bringing out the various characteristics of couples: some spaces are great for natural photography while other spots lend themselves perfectly to more dramatic couple photos. Whatever personality you’d describe yourselves as, Maboneng has a space for you (for example, check out the difference in Fatima and Sheryaar’s Maboneng pre-wedding shoot).

Whether you’re a potential client or a fellow photographer, I’d love to share my passion for Maboneng and Jozi with you: +27729781302 | | | Luke Tannous Photography on Facebook | @luketannous

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