Real wedding | Martin & Stef

This is one of the weddings that will always stay with me just because of how rock star it was. The bride’s exquisite dramatic gown, the groom’s dashing tattoos, the bridesmaids’ stylish blush pink low-back long sleeved dresses, and the way that all the groomsmen did their best in a surprise dance for the bride and groom! Everything came together like a perfectly planned production – must have something to do with the bride’s career as a professional dancer.

Red Ivory Lodge‘s exquisitely renovated facilities set the perfect backdrop for the soulful sounds of The Motherland’s harmonious tunes, and the stunning cream and white decor by Cafe Fleur left guests simply breathless. Seriously – if you thought their engagement shoot was rock star, check out their wedding preview!

My wife and I shot this one together and we were actually competing to see who could the best shots – I am pretty pleased with the results of our competition. If you like our workget in touch so we can take you and your fiance out for a coffee.


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