True love | Chuene & Mogkadi

There is something more special than a wedding day, something even more beautiful than two people vowing to be together through everything life throws at them. What is it, I hear you ask? Marriage. This blog post is extra special for us because these images show the celebration of marriage – ten years of it to be exact. Along with their loving family, Mogkadi and Chuene hosted a glamorous anniversary party to celebrate their marriage of ten years. The incredible yellow, white, and turquoise colours popped against the natural setting of River Meadow Manor and created a relaxed family wedding vibe. Precious Thamaga, head wedding planner of Precious Celebrations, coordinated the exquisite day flawlessly (as usual). The live action of the day was captured by the talented team from Feature Films – check out their highlight video of Chuene and Mogkadi’s special day (seriously, have some tissues ready – it’s a tearjerker).

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