Advice | Remember the groom

Much of the wedding industry is focused on the bride. And no wonder – there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman about to marry the person she loves. What I have noticed is that this often means the groom doesn’t get as much attention, which I think is unfair. After all, it’s a big day for him too.

Because of how the groom is often ‘forgotten’ on his wedding day, I like to pay extra attention to him and his groomsmen by capturing images that are cool, have attitude, and are personal to the groom and his mates. I draw my inspiration from the men themselves – I try and match the kinds of images I  capture to the personalities of the guys. This can range from taking a photo that is suave, cool, James Bond inspired to getting an image that tells the story of what these guys are likely to be doing on a Saturday night. I always include a character portrait of the groom alone that gives insight into the man the groom is.

My bit of advice? In the flurry of bride-centred activities that wedding planning and the wedding can be, remember the groom. Here are three tips for brides to help them ‘remember the groom’:

  1. Ask him: Some guys aren’t big into photos and that’s okay. Show your future husband that his needs are important by asking him what kinds of photos of himself and his friends he would like.
  2. Reassure him: Your photographer should consult with you and your fiancé about the boundaries you each have. Some guys might not want to pose for a shot of the groomsmen together, while others may be more than happy to oblige. Make sure your photographer knows – and respects – your fiancé’s requests.
  3. Convince him: It’s happened many times where, although initially reluctant, the grooms-to-be are the ones who wish an engagement or couple’s photo session could be prolonged. I think this is because many guys are relieved to find out that when I shoot, I make it quite fun. I throw in  bit of Blue Steel here and some playful naughtiness there. As a bride, you can try and convince your groom that with the right photographer not only will he have awesome photos of himself, his friends, and the love of his life, but he will have a great time while taking them.


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