Advice| Avoid the one thing most people forget on their wedding day

People always say you only have the photos left after your wedding day. This – I’ve realised as a recently married person – is true. The day passes so quickly and soon the excitement to see your wedding photos sets in.

What people don’t mention is the excitement you have to see the photos showing your family and friends who celebrated the day with you.

Although the 20th couple shot of your kissing your new husband or wife is lovely, you begin to crave seeing a photo of that funny reaction your Uncle John had to your MC’s dirty joke. Or you wonder where that photo of you dancing with your toddler nephew might be?

Wedding photos are special because of the people in them, and there are more special people at a wedding than just the bride and groom.

This is the one thing most people forget at their wedding: the importance of other people in your wedding photos.

As brides and grooms, we are trained by every bridal blog and boutique that focus should be only on the bride, groom, and retinue. The danger of this is that doing this means that often the family and friends who helped us become brides and grooms for years preceding the wedding day are left out of the photos.

There are ways to avoid making this mistake though. We offer three suggestions:

1. Work with a shot list – for each wedding, we send out a shot list requesting all the names of the retinue and family members the couple would like a formal family photograph with. We also ask clients to add what ad hoc photos they’d like, or advise them to grab us during the course of the day for a photo with that friend who travelled from far or that special aunt who’s getting on in years. Ensure you share your preferred shot list with your  photographer so you are guaranteed to get photos with those who mean a lot to you.

2. Select a photographer with a strong photojournalism influence – Ask your photographer about the styles of photography that influence their work. Photojournalism (see examples from Luke Tannous photography in this post) is a particular style of capturing natural shots that tell a story either alone or as part of a sequence. A photographer working with this style is more likely to be able to identify photo opportunities and make the most of them.

3. Work with a photographer who loves people, not just photos – When meeting different photographers, reflect on whether you felt they were a genuine people person. Someone who loves people will more likely to focus on different people at your wedding, in addition to you and your new wife or husband. Ask to see a full album of one wedding and see to what extent other people feature – are there reactions during speeches, different people dancing, cheesy snapshots of people socialising? These will provide a clue as to whether your photographer is a people person.

What are some other ways you’ve ensured you get photographs of all your loved ones from your wedding day? Tell us in the comments below.


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